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Dedicated Transportation Attorneys Deliver Sound Advice

Firm guides clients on a full range of regulatory measures and proceedings

Federal rules governing motor carrier safety and other transportation matters are a serious concern for everyone involved, from the largest trucking companies to individual drivers. With the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) keeping a close eye on vehicles and operations, one slip-up could lead to an unsatisfactory or conditional rating that threatens profitability. Located in Windermere, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin, Blitch Westley, S.C. advises clients across the country on compliance with these complex rules and takes on federal and state regulators when evaluations are unsupported.

Effective lawyers counsel clients on federal and state trucking rules

Our accomplished attorneys combine a deep understanding of trucking regulations with the practical knowledge that makes a positive difference for carriers in situations involving:

  • Safety fitness upgrades — If you have received a safety rating that you do not believe is justified or seek advice on how to improve your operation to avert further concerns, we’ll take positive steps to secure the upgrades you need.
  • FMCSA actions — When a requested safety rating upgrade is unjustly denied, our firm can prepare a Petition for Administrative Review. We also handle other types of FMCSA proceedings.
  • Applications for Grants of Operating Authority — Applying for an MC, FF or MX Number, signifying that you’ve been granted operating authority as a motor carrier, freight forwarder or Mexico-domiciled carrier, requires strict attention to the relevant standards. Whether you’re just starting out or are well versed in the industry, our lawyers can take you through the necessary steps.
  • Requests for Data Reviews — Should you believe that information pertaining to your operation contains faulty data, our firm will present a Request for Data Review to give you the chance to correct the false information.

Dealing with a federal or state regulator can seem intimidating, but we simplify the complex maze of rules and ensure that your interests are asserted in an effective, professional manner.

Skillful advocates defend drivers and carriers from tickets and audits

We also go to court on behalf of CDL drivers who work for our motor carriers in cases arising from alleged non-criminal traffic infractions. Likewise, we assist clients on all types of permit issues, including home base designations and International Registration Plan (IRP) tags. When DOT and FMCSA audits are unavoidable, we defend clients during these proceedings as well as conduct mock audits to protect them from unnecessary problems.

Contact a reputable transportation attorney to schedule a consultation

Blitch Westley, S.C. represents clients across the trucking and transportation industries in a wide range of legal matters. Please call 407-574-2835 or contact us online to arrange a consultation to discuss your issue. We have locations in Windermere, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin.

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