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Firm in Florida and Wisconsin handles workplace issues nationwide

Even when the result of an employment dispute is entirely successful, the resources used to secure that outcome can take a toll on a business. In employment law matters, as in the trucking industry, preventative maintenance serves as a vital safety measure and a sound investment. With offices in Madison, Wisconsin and Windermere, Florida, Blitch Westley, S.C. delivers strong counsel to help companies resolve disputes favorably and, whenever possible, to avoid these conflicts altogether. Attorney Joel Blitch has practiced employment law for 25 years and can identify potential problems before they have an impact on your bottom line. When a legal dispute cannot be avoided, our firm delivers aggressive litigation and mediation advocacy to maximize the likelihood of a prompt, favorable resolution.

Thorough advisers assist with compliance and training matters

Our firm takes an active role in helping transportation companies and other clients to establish clear standards to prevent private employment actions and inquiries from federal and state regulatory bodies. Through thoughtful training of supervisors and workers, the creation of sound policies, and responsive advice, we give companies what they need to address concerns such as:

  • Compliance with EEO and ADA rules — Allegations of discrimination based on race, religion, age, sex, disability status or membership in another protected group can do serious harm to a business. We set clear boundaries so that everyone understands what is required and prohibited under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Employment Opportunity Act and other pertinent provisions.
  • Reductions in force and unemployment compensation hearings — Sometimes, layoffs are necessary, but strict rules govern reductions in force. If you’re considering dismissing a segment of your work force, our lawyers will outline what needs to be done to avoid violating the law. We also represent firms in unemployment compensation disputes.
  • Contract drafting and negotiation — We draft and negotiate clear, enforceable employment agreements that minimize the possibility of confusion and explicitly outline each side’s duties, obligations and remedies should the contract be violated.

Time matters when you’re dealing with an employment law issue. Having the right policies in place helps everyone understand the rules so that confusion can be avoided and problems can be resolved efficiently.

Strong advocates represent transportation companies and other businesses

Sometimes, the only feasible option to have employment disputes adjudicated is through litigation. Our attorneys offer assertive representation to companies for all types of conflicts, including:

  • Response to EEOC and FCHR charges — Defending against a charge leveled by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Florida Commission on Human Relations or any other employment authority demands knowledgeable legal support. We have a detailed understanding of the laws governing these cases and vigorously counter unwarranted allegations.
  • Grievance proceedings and arbitrations — When workers claim that a union contract or other employment provision has been violated, our lawyers press for a proper resolution.
  • Collective bargaining — During collective bargaining negotiations, we can identify potential issues and the effect of specific agreement language so that you’re not unpleasantly surprised down the road.
  • Due process hearings — To make sure that decisions on workplace matters have the requisite legal foundation, we’ll detail the due process requirements and deliver the strongest argument possible.

Whatever your objective is, our firm will provide the comprehensive support you need to maintain a productive working environment and protect your vital interests.

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Blitch Westley, S.C. assists clients with a wide range of employment law issues across the United States. Please call 407-574-2835 or contact us online to schedule a meeting regarding your workplace concern. Our offices are in Windermere, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin.

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