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Commercial Litigation and Insurance Defense

Dedicated Commercial Litigators Support Transportation Clients

Experienced firm handles insurance coverage and defense actions

No business looks forward to litigation, but retaining the right attorneys can turn a negative circumstance into a result that enables your enterprise to move forward successfully. At Blitch Westley, S.C., our lawyers use our litigation skills and transportation industry knowledge to achieve favorable resolutions in a wide range of legal actions relating to coverage, insurance defense and other commercial disputes faced by the trucking industry. From offices in Windermere, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin, we prosecute and defend claims on behalf of companies and individuals. Our firm skillfully manages cases arising from risk mitigation insurance and vigorously defends our clients’ interests in litigation pertaining to noncompete agreements and brand infringement. Whatever your particular case entails, we always take into account your needs and your concerns about litigation costs.

Accomplished advocates take on complex insurance coverage issues

Insurance coverage determinations can turn on a seemingly small fact, but the effects of these determinations can have a significant impact on your ability to conduct business. We assist clients in the evaluation and litigation of claims associated with:

  • Occupational accident coverage — In the event of a vehicle accident, we’ll assess whether this coverage applies or if the injury was triggered by an event outside the policy’s purview. From there, we pursue an appropriate outcome for claims seeking reimbursement for medical bills and downtime while the driver is rehabilitating.
  • General commercial and professional liability — For general commercial and professional liability actions, our lawyers simplify complicated policies and riders and work toward a positive outcome.
  • Cargo coverage — We analyze cargo coverage forms when a loss affects the load carried within a truck. Before you decide how you want to assert your rights, we’ll explain how the language applies in your situation.
  • Property damage claims — Cases alleging physical damage to a truck or harm inflicted on other types of property often require careful investigation. In these matters, we have the experience and resources to determine what occurred and whether it is covered under the policy’s terms.

Our strategic approach and thorough review of the relevant policy language will help you make confident decisions about how to proceed.

Aggressive lawyers deliver comprehensive insurance defense

When potential exposure under an insurance policy is significant, there’s no time to school an attorney on coverage issues specific to the trucking industry. Accordingly, insurance companies retain us to defend their policyholders against cargo claims, negligence actions, occupational accident claimants and other matters. Our attention to detail gives us the ability to investigate disputed facts and counter allegations effectively. We aren’t intimidated by powerful adversaries or going to court, but we are always mindful of the costs involved and committed to keeping them as low as possible while keeping you informed of your options.

Thorough attorneys pursue favorable resolutions to business disputes

Across the United States, our firm represents parties in a wide array of cases that affect trucking companies and other businesses, including:

  • Litigation arising from noncompete agreements
  • Trade secret, patent and trademark infringement actions
  • Real estate matters, such as adverse possession, condemnation and easement claims
  • Contract disputes

Legal problems don’t just go away on their own. Even if you’re not sure that your dispute will end up in court, obtaining qualified counsel can help you resolve it so you can concentrate on more pressing matters. We have the negotiation and mediation skills to achieve your objectives without unnecessary cost or hassle.

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Blitch Westley, S.C. handles insurance defense and other commercial litigation cases for clients throughout the United States. Please call 407-574-2835 or contact us online to arrange a consultation. Our firm’s offices are located in Windermere, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin.

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