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Knowledgeable advisers tackle challenges facing the trucking industry

The tremendous opportunities available to businesses always carry corresponding obligations and risks. As a leading firm serving transportation companies and other businesses, Blitch Westley, S.C. has a special insight into the key concerns that affect daily operations and long-term success. From offices in Windermere, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin, our experienced lawyers provide exceptional counsel and service on a wide range of business issues. Whether you’re determining what legal entity is best suited for your startup or need to protect yourself against former employees looking to compete against you, we’ll outline your options. For regulatory issues, insurance matters, commercial disputes and contract concerns, our firm has the skill and background to help you achieve your objectives.

Thorough attorneys guide clients on corporate and contract matters

Representing brokers, motor carriers, shippers, warehouses, freight forwarders, leasing companies and other clients, our attorneys offer knowledgeable guidance on matters such as:

  • Corporate formation and structuring — More options than ever exist when it comes to establishing a legal entity for a new venture. We explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option to create a corporate structure that sets you up for success.
  • Mergers and acquisitions — When you’re looking to purchase or merge with another business, or if your company is being bought out, our attorneys handle due diligence and other key legal and regulatory tasks to prevent unnecessary obstacles from ruining the deal.
  • Contracts — Our firm drafts and negotiates authoritative, straightforward contracts for commercial transactions and all other types of agreements.
  • Noncompete agreements and trade secrets — Safeguarding your company’s hard work and reputation is more important than ever, given worker flexibility and the ability to transfer information instantly. We prepare, negotiate and enforce trustworthy noncompete agreements and take aggressive action to protect trade secrets and intellectual property.

No matter what the specific concern entails, we are committed to giving each client advice and advocacy that is tailored to their situation and goals.

Effective lawyers perform risk analysis to protect and generate revenue

A thorough understanding of insurance policies and the unique aspects of the transportation industry is necessary to perform reliable risk analysis for carriers. Our extensive experience in these fields gives us the ability to assess the most complex situations clearly. We use a unique approach that does much more than react to litigation threats. Rather, our goal is to identify beforehand what the biggest potential risks are and develop a strategy to ensure the continuity of your business and improve your bottom line. As a firm with a diverse skill set, we do this by successfully negotiating contracts, getting rid of adverse obligations, resolving employment disputes and helping clients acquire other companies.

Proven firm counsels clients on regulatory compliance and investigations

Meeting the ever-changing rules set forth by government bodies can be a significant burden on businesses. Among trucking companies and other shippers, the Food Safety Modernization Act has imposed a detailed set of requirements and controls designed to prevent spoliation or contamination of food. We work diligently to help clients meet all regulatory standards and protect their interests when a related investigation or inquiry occurs.

Contact a thorough business law attorney to schedule a consultation

Blitch Westley, S.C. provides legal advice and advocacy to large and small businesses nationwide, including assistance with transactions and regulatory issues. Please call 407-574-2835 or contact us online to arrange a consultation to discuss your issue.  Our offices are in Windermere, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin.


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